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Operational & Process Excellence (OPEX) Week Asia Summit 2019

Download the event brochure and discover which Process Excellence & Business Transformation experts from Asia and across the globe you will have the opportunity to meet.

Past Presentation Slides

Creating a High-Performing, Lean & Value-Added Organisation

Hear from Norman Pipitone, Head of Lean Programme, Cathay Pacific Airways as he spoke about:Enhancing productivity through value-focused environment to achieve more with lessDriving continuous improvement through identifying and removing waste from businessProviding development programmes to learn and apply lean thinking on real-life projectsDownload the slides to learn more. 

Redesigning Organisational Structure to Improve Business Agility

Hear from Evelyn Stier,  Head of Regional Management Services, Siemens who discussed about:Restructuring operational processes to react quickly to changes and stand ahead of competitionConsidering into adaptability, flexibility and balance to allow long-term agilityAdopting a mix of methodologies to allow flexibility with least variations  Download the slides to learn more.

Additional Content Download

TOP 5 Objections to Adopting Process Excellence

The number one challenge cited by the heads of change and business transformation is the issue of getting management buy-in. In answer to this crucial challenge, we examine the most common objections you will encounter when implementing your PEX initiative and approaches you can take to not only get that...

How Can Robostic Supercharge Your Process Excellence Strategy

Business leaders who find themselves in this predicament are now looking beyond traditional PEX strategies towards the next step in the cycle. Increasingly, it looks as if the benefits of automation –as delivered by the use of robotics technology – will provide this paradigm shift in the way PEX is...

PEX 2030: The Complete E-Book on Process Excellence in the Digital Age

Due to the lightning-fast pace of technological change in the digital age, process excellence concepts are being dramatically restructured to fit with the increasingly fluid evolution of both companies and their core operational processes. This Ebook is designed to highlight the importance and nature of the changes currently occurring, allowing...

Top 6 Case Studies on Product and Process Innovation

Process excellence strategy is an essential part of an successful products & process innovation. In this eBook, IQPC examines real case studies from 6 leading companies in their industry involving the process excellence strategies and projects they implemented. Lessons learned from these projects will be discussed as well as the...

The State of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

In 2014, distinguished Oxford University philosopher, Nick Bostrom, released his book Super intelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies. It hypothesizes the potential impact on society if “machine brains” were to surpass that of a human, with the premise being that our destiny would be dependent on machine intelligence, and therefore out of...

Enabling Business Innovation and Transformation

In today’s business climate, it’s nothing short of critical for an organization to be ready and capable of adapting to changing times to ensure survival. Companies cannot settle for incremental improvement - they must innovate and undergo performance transformations to get, and stay, on top.See why leading companies outperform others...

The Ultimate Guide to Business Transformation Failure And How to Avoid It

"Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker.” - Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of WinningSo there are plenty of examples of ‘what not to do’. But why would you want an ultimate guide to failure, anyway? Shouldn’t we be focusing on success instead?Amazingly, many organizations continue to make...

The Global State of Process Excellence

“One size fits all” isn’t the reality today. Different industries in different parts of the world operate in their own fashion. The global state of process excellence report explores how organisations around the world are approaching operational process excellence. It reveals the key trends highlighted by the survey, along with...

Customer Centricity Powered by LEAN

Download the presentation from Erika Toth, Group Head of Business & Continuous Improvement at Thomas Cook Group, to understand more on driving and implementing a lean customer-centric culture for your organisation.

The Next Wave of Business Process Excellence in the Digital Age

Do you know how can process excellence effectively support business strategies in your organisation? Download the presentation from Henrik von Scheel, Founding Father of Europe’s Digital Agenda 2020 & Industry 4.0 | Advisory Board Member of Google to know more about this topic.

How to Think Like a Founder - From Process Excellence to Lean Innovation

Suneel Gupta, Founder and CEO, Rise, Former VP of Product Development, Groupon, Visionary Product and Innovation Leaderwas named the “New Face of Innovation” by the New York Stock Exchange.While serving as VP of Product Development at Groupon, he helped grow the business from millions to billions in revenue, and into...

“Process professionals must learn to think more like a CEO”: Interview with DuPont's Don Linsenmann

Trying to gain executive buy-in for your operational excellence initiatives? Don Linsenmann, Vice President Business Process Excellence and Corporate Six Sigma Champion, DuPont Corporation has one piece of advice: think more a CEO.>>> Download the full interview here

Five Ways You Can Shake Loose Your Business Operations

The phrase operational excellence gets thrown around a lot within industry but it’s definitions are vast. At its heart, it’s about  business growth. It’s about honing efficiency and value to reach that next stage of growth. Ahead of the OPEX Asia Summit in Singapore we explore five ways you can...

A brief history of process to the modern day

Most things we do in life are processes. But it’s really been only in the last century that businesses have really started to look hard at how improving processes can lead to better results - and develop some hard-core  methodologies to help them do it. This infographic shows a brief...

Raising Your Operational Excellence Game

We spoke to Christy Hartner, Senior Vice President at Commerce Bank about the challenges of tackling operational excellence changes at Commerce Bank, the benefits from doing so and about her insight into the best ways to raise your game in your operational excellence strategies.Christy discussed with us:How establishing new roles...

How to Adapt in an Era of Rapid Change

In this whitepaper we discuss the three main drivers influencing the way businesses approach operational excellence; customer, innovation and technology. All three drivers become intertwined with each other as we explore new business operating models, design thinking, customer-centricity and the role of automation. 

Leveraging Innovative Technologies in Advancing DHL’s Supply Chain Process Excellence

Mei Yee Pang, Vice President of Innovation, Solutions Delivery & Service Management – Asia Pacific at DHL explores Apply social and technology trends to streamline supply chain processes and DHL’s innovation process in this presentation. Download the presentation to know more.