8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Registration and Coffee & Tea

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM Chairman’s Opening Remarks


9:10 AM - 9:50 AM Leveraging Innovative Technologies in Advancing DHL’s Supply Chain Process Excellence

Pang Mei Yee, Vice President of Innovation, Solutions Delivery & Service Management – Asia Pacific, DHL
  • How can social and technology trends in the current economy be applied to streamline supply chain processes?
  • DHL’s innovation process – What is it and how it works?
  • Evaluating results of DHL’s process improvement technologies in augmented reality (smart glass) and collaborative robots


Pang Mei Yee

Vice President of Innovation, Solutions Delivery & Service Management – Asia Pacific

9:50 AM - 10:30 AM Overcoming the Roadblocks of Incorporating Robotic Process Automation Within Your Process Improvement Strategy

Paul Pello, Head of Business Improvement, ANZ
  • Benefits and drawbacks of RPA in the implementation and execution phases
  • What steps should be undertaken in redesigning your process improvement methodology for RPA integration?
  • Simplifying the design and use of robotics
  • How ANZ successfully deployed 20 robots in Singapore for its RPA project


Paul Pello

Head of Business Improvement

10:30 AM - 11:10 AM Morning Refreshment Break


11:10 AM - 11:50 AM Zuellig Pharma’s Visualisation Tool: Selecting the Most Effective Analytical Tools for Healthcare Process Optimisation

Lawrence Wee, Chief Data Scientist, Zuellig Pharma
  • Key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of analytical tools in optimising healthcare supply chain processes
  • ‘Slicing and dicing’ raw data into meaningful and easy to comprehend insights
  • Deriving actionable insights for enhancing customer value and driving business improvement


Lawrence Wee

Chief Data Scientist
Zuellig Pharma

11:50 AM - 12:30 PM Data-Driven Decision-Making as the Key to Schneider Electric’s Process Re-Engineering Strategy

Gautam Kamdar, Vice President of Supply Chain Planning, Schneider Electric Vivek Jain, Global Business Process Owner – Upstream Flow Manager, Schneider Electric
  • Extracting and making sense of relevant data from an unstructured pool
  • Leveraging data to derive the most effective process improvement strategy
  • Utilising business intelligence for inventory optimisation and real-time performance monitoring


Gautam Kamdar

Vice President of Supply Chain Planning
Schneider Electric

Vivek Jain

Global Business Process Owner – Upstream Flow Manager
Schneider Electric

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM Networking Lunch


1:30 PM - 2:10 PM DBS’ Human-Centered Design and Agile Methodology: Developing Successful Cross- Functional Teams for Workforce Efficiency

Patsy Quek, Executive Director, Technology & Operations | Head of Central Improvement Team, DBS Bank
  • Eliminating departmental silos and making collaboration across functions a reality
  • Embracing an agile and human-centered “4D framework” approach – Discover, define, develop and deliver
  • Transforming the overall DBS experience for employees and customers alike


Patsy Quek

Executive Director, Technology & Operations | Head of Central Improvement Team
DBS Bank

2:10 PM - 2:50 PM Anyone Can Innovate: Building Process Innovation Capabilities in Your Organisation

Atul Ghai, Global Head of Lean Six Sigma, Nokia
  • The shift from lean six sigma and kaizen to design thinking and open innovation
  • Translating ideas into money: Nokia’s NET wide introduced framework to trigger innovation in employees
  • Future agenda 2.0: What are the next steps in creating an organisational culture of process innovation?


Atul Ghai

Global Head of Lean Six Sigma

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM Afternoon Refreshment Break

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM Where EAGLEs Dare: Driving Operational Excellence through Customer, Process and People Excellence

Lula Chee, Director, OpEx Strategy & BPM, Singtel Group Centre of Operational Excellence
  • Singtel’s operational excellence strategy: Integrating customer-centricity, effective & efficient processes, people & mindsets
  • Moving beyond process improvement to operational excellence: Learnings from the journey
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability in operational excellence by embedding culture and technology


Lula Chee

Director, OpEx Strategy & BPM
Singtel Group Centre of Operational Excellence


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Aligning People, Processes and Technology in Establishing a Process Driven Culture for Competitive Advantage

Vinay Varma, Head of IT, Siemens Priya Shahané, Chief People Officer, AXA
  • Uncovering the root cause for the lack of process culture and governance
  • Institutionalising processes within the organisation – How can different departments come together for a common vision?
  • Adopting a unified top-down and bottom-up approach in driving operational excellence and continuous improvement


Vinay Varma

Head of IT

Priya Shahané

Chief People Officer

5:00 PM - 5:40 PM From Good to Great: Taking Process Excellence and Business Innovation to the Next Level

Norbert Majerus, Lean Champion | Book Author & Shingo Prize Winner, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Mapping the process excellence journey and future opportunities for organisations in Asia
  • Engaging in a continual cycle of learning and reinvention
  • Beyond product and process innovation – Identifying new growth areas with a focus on customer value creation


Norbert Majerus

Lean Champion | Book Author & Shingo Prize Winner, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

5:40 PM - 5:50 PM Chairman’s Closing Remarks & End of Summit