Henrik von Scheel

Founding Father of Europe’s Digital Agenda 2020 & Industry 4.0 | Advisory Board Member of Google
Henrik is listed by Financial Times as one of the most influential business thinkers on strategy management concepts, corporate practices and an international recognised authority on business process. Through Henrik’s academic research, publications (author of 8 books, including 3 bestsellers and +42 academic publications) and efforts with standard bodies (ISO, IEEE, OMG, CEN, NIST, LEADing Practice, NATO, UN, W3C), he has evolved the mainstream thinking of what is being taught at universities and applied by organisations today. Henrik has personally been involved in enabling the Fortune 500 and Governments to out-think, outcompete and outperform. His trademark is the rare ability to master the discipline in developing the core differentiated and competitive aspects of tomorrow’s enterprise – How to innovate and where to transform. Henrik serves as a Board Member at Google EMEA, Gazprom, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Global University Alliance and Capital Investment Partners etc.

9:00 AM Patterns of Successful Business Process Management (BPM) Implementations

With the emergence of Industry 4.0 which encompasses mobile, social, cloud and big data, these “four forces” are transforming business processes and reshaping how organisations manage customer service, security, shared services, supply chain and talent. Many business enterprises are looking to align their BPM technologies with people and processes while investing in digital technology to achieve process efficiency but how many of them are actually doing it right?

This workshop will address the key step-by-step framework to innovating and transforming business process management through digital technologies and will explore successful case studies of companies in digital process excellence.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Developing a structured way to thinking, modeling, working and implementing BPM to improve competitive advantage, rethink business models and transform operations.
  • Exploring the mega and emerging process trends of BPM and its maturity within your organisation.
  • BPM emerging and disruptive trends: Adoption strategies, performance advantages and maturity of adoption stage – Early, industry or standard adoption?
  • Key concepts on successful BPM implementations (e.g. BPM operating model, business rule management, business activity monitoring) and how you can apply them in your organisation
  • Case studies on successful BPM strategy execution in the digital age, namely:
(a) Carlsberg – Aligning the operating model with an integrated process approach
(b) Federal Employment Agency in Germany – Transforming the largest service provider in Germany into a modern service provider
(c) United States Department of Defense – Applying measurement, reporting and decision-making to run a government agency “like a business”
  • Case studies on successful digital transformation in BPM, namely:
(a) Novozymes – Accelerating customer and supply coordination through BPM
(b) Lego – Transforming the LEGO organisation, one process at a time

9:10 AM PEX 2030: The Next Wave of Business Process Excellence in the Digital Age

  • Emerging and disruptive trends of business processes in the Digital Industry 4.0
  • Accelerating the digitisation of business processes to unleash the potential of future productivity and growth
  • How can process excellence effectively support business strategies in your organisation?